Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Fix-Its: Rewind {Guest Room Closet}

When we first moved into our condo, our guest room closet became a major dumping ground for our random "stuff". In fact, the guest room in general collected odds and ends of apartments past. (Is that not its purpose?) The guest room closet was very standard: a long bar mounted straight across with a shelf just above.

We knew this set up wasn't going to cut it. After remodeling the closets in our Master Bedroom we had some left over materials. Mr. Fix-It got to work. First, he destroyed the guest room.

Then, I shuffled everything in to the corners/halls/and vacuumed.

I probably expressed some skepticism about how random scrap materials were going to become built-ins at this point. I let the man do his thing while I sorted through the stuff he had emptied from the closets.

Magically, hours later, we had shelves installed! Such a difference!

We had lived with the "standard closet" for about 10 months. During that time we let boxes, pillows, sheets and blankets pile up in the space. It was fine for storage, but often meant that we couldn't access things that would get buried. The investment of installing an internal closet structure is a huge win.

Our ultimate goal is to have the right side of the closet be for our own storage, and the left for guest use. The shelves on the left would be for guests to use for folded clothes and toiletries, and they could use the hanging space for jackets, dresses, etc. The space above currently stores sheets and blankets that go on the pull-out sofa. When the bed is made, that space is open to store a suitcase.

And here's the room all tidied up!

Have you installed closet shelves?


  1. Your guest room looks wonderful! Our guest room door is closed most of the time can be our dumping ground of sorts too. And it's my place for my out-of-season wardrobe. We have to clean it all out before we move though, so it'll be nice to actually see it all spiffed up...right before we leave, lol.

  2. The closet looks so much more usable now! I love it!

  3. What a difference! The new guest room looks great! I remember installing shelves in some of the closets of our condo after we first moved in...and while it was a complete pain, it was well worth it!

  4. oh yeah yeah. This totally helps with the organizing. Great job! It really looks great.