Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Post-Vacation Glow

After some time away, I really wanted to bask in that post-vacation glow. My skin is amazingly tanned, my hair has picked up some fantastic natural highlights, and I wanted to refresh my look a bit.

Erin at The Blue-Eyed Bride recently wrote about her "Summer Essentials" and mentioned a few hair products, including a link to a video demonstration of the curl down. Always eager to try something new, I got to it Friday before work.

BAM! Nailed it!

...or not. This is pretty much how I looked by the time I got to my office. I will add I got caught in some rain, but still.

Still determined, I went to a nearby mall on my lunchbreak to scope out my product options. I left with these two guys:

I tried my hand at the curl down again on Saturday with the exact same results, except now my hair was crunchy and sticky too. Does anyone have any secrets to making curls stay?


  1. Such a shame that the curls didn't stick! I have no patience to actually curl my hair, so I am absolutely no help. I do have naturally wavy hair though, and with this humidity I haven't been able to wear my hair straight for a week! I use Victoria's Secret Sexy Hair (I think that's what it's called) and the waves/curls aren't crunchy with it & seems to hold up pretty well.

  2. Yep, that's exactly what my hair looks like 20 or so minutes after curling. It just won't hold. I have really straight hair, and it just wants to be STRAIGHT. Your hair looks like it's a similar thickness and texture to mine; must be the lot we're 'blessed' with...

  3. Oh bummer! I've heard the smaller barrels are the best, but I always get discouraged too.

  4. I can NEVER get mine to stay. :( They will always fall about an hour later.

  5. Your hair looks great both ways! Glad you had a great vacation.

    Love your blog!

  6. LOVE the curls! If you find tips for making them stay, let me know - I could use 'em :)

  7. My hair us super fine and does the exact same thing. I'm a huge fan of Aveda products. And miracles. Yup, hair miracles are good with me.