Friday, June 17, 2011

Wedding Wear

It's wedding season!

A funny thing happens after you get married, or at least it did to me. Once my wedding was over, I felt like all weddings were over. Not in an ego-centric way necessarily, it just felt like that phase of my life had passed. Mr. Fix-It was one of the last of his friends to get married, and my friend circle is pretty scattered - some married friends, few engaged friends, and a number of single friends. Really, aside from bestie Allie's wedding this New Year's Eve I haven't had weddings on my radar much lately.

Maybe I should give you some more context: since Mr. Fix-It and I met, we have been to at least 15 weddings together. That seems like a lot, at least to us, but since our own wedding we've only been to 1. But alas, wedding season has returned. The next two back-to-back Saturdays we will be attending weddings.

Why do I mention this? Clothing, naturally. Here are my 3 options:




One wedding is at a swanky Downtown Chicago hotel, so I'm leaning dress 1. The other (from what I've heard) is more of a garden party, so I'm thinking dress 3. Dress 2 could work for either event. Any thoughts?

And yes, I'll properly do my hair and make-up for both events.

(While taking these photos Mr. Fix-It declared, "My god! Now I know why you're not a model!" Thanks honey, love you too.)


  1. I like 2 and 3 the best. I think 3 is my favorite, especially with that necklace. 2 seems to scream garden party to me and 3 just seems so elegant I don't see why you couldn't wear it to the swank-fest.

  2. @ Jill - Ooooh! You're making me see these differently! Thanks for your thoughts! :)

  3. I love the first one. It looks great on you. I think the 2nd one is more garden party than the third in feel, but less flattering. The third one really suits you and it pretty chic looking!

  4. For a swanky wedding, I say 1 or 3 for sure. So cute!

  5. I love 2 and 3. 3 looks downtown because of the color and the Audrey fit makes it quite a classic. I would pair it with a nice chignon and some glammed-up smokey eyes. Number 2 would be a lovely daytime dress, with the flowy fit and you could switch out black shoes for nude pumps to make it more daytime friendly. {Nude pumps go with everything but are less expected because they aren't so matchy-matchy. Hair down, maybe curled and soft eyes. Number one is lovely as well, but you run the risk of matching the wedding party in style or in color. I almost went to a wedding in a lovely champagne dress which my sister talked me out of, only to get to the wedding and find out that it would have matched the bridesmaids perfectly! Hope this {book} was helpful!

  6. I love love love the first option on you!

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