Friday, June 24, 2011

One Shell Of A Wedding! : We'll Be Dancin' The Night Away

After the world's most sentimental father daughter dance, it was time to officially get the party started! We kicked off the evening with Earth, Wind, and Fire's "September". (It seemed appropriate given our September 25 wedding, wouldn't you say?) The crowd took a little while to get moving, but soon enough the dance party in full force. This was the first time in the evening I felt like letting out a deep exhale and saying, "This is it! We did it!" There was nothing left to plan, coordinate, organize, or execute. All that was left on the agenda was to LET LOOSE. It was awesome.

September! from Seashell on Vimeo.

The band was fantastic. They wowed the crowd with a fantastic combination of oldies, motown, r&b, big band, and pop. We slow danced, moonwalked, boogied down, and shook our booties.

Since we'd cut the cake a few minutes prior, we also opened up the dessert bar.

One of the things I loved most about our venue was that everyone could do as they pleased. If you were hungry, the dessert bar was open. The dance floor was roaring at all times, but the grounds were lit and inviting if you wanted to grab a drink and catch up with friends.

As the hours disappeared, the band rounded up the crowd for a final song. We danced our hearts out for what we knew were the last few minutes of the wedding and then our sparkly wands were passed to each of our guests.

 (We call this photo, "Uncle Kenny's depressed that the party is over")

I wish I could say it was bittersweet, but it was just amazing. I was so happy, so filled with love and joy. I simply could not have asked for more.

{All photos from the fabulous Blink of an Eye Photography}

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