Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One Shell Of A Wedding! : Time After Time

I've held off on writing this post because I've thought a lot about capturing this part of our wedding day perfectly. Then I realized that it's already all here - in photos and video - and that my words are superfluous. But that's not entirely true. There's a reason we write words with recaps, after all.

Two days before our wedding I wrote a post titled "Time After Time". It was about what the song Time After Time meant to me and my Dad. It was something I had felt all my life, but never put into words. When the post went live on Weddingbee I e-mailed it to him (I was retrieving bridesmaids from the airport) and by the time I made it home I found my Dad and my Mom crying by their computer screens.

Then, in December Weddingbee ran a "Best of the Bee" series of Bees' favorite posts. I chose "Time After Time" and mentioned that there was an additional story that I'd share during my recaps. So...

After Mr. Seashell and I wowed the crowd with our choreographed first dance, I noticed that my Dad was waiting by the front of the ballroom with the microphone. I figured he was going to say a few words about this being a special moment, and perhaps talk a bit about being my Dad. Instead he started by saying, "As some as you know, Amanda has been blogging for the last 8 or 9 months on Weddingbee... and three days ago a post was published that pertains to this particular moment..." and then he read the entire post to the crowd.

The part that makes it extraordinarily sentimental was that, in those moments, everyone in the room knew the exact emotion my Dad and I were feeling. It was more than the emotion of a father daughter dance, it was the meaning and vivid detail tied to our relationship. The memories of being four years old, driving down Blackstone Boulevard in the fall, leaving for college, it was all there. It was all in that song.

To say the whole room got a little teary might be an understatement.

Mr. Seashell later teased me that the only person who didn't cry was the limo driver, and that was because he was still 30 miles away.

It was sweet. It was beautiful. Those moments with my Dad on the dance floor are some of the most powerful and most treasured of my wedding day.

Time After Time from Seashell on Vimeo.

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