Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My mornings...

So recently I decided to take on another Fix-It project: My Health. The last week or so has seen an improvement in my mental state through discussions and other activities. I am off to a good start on the physical side this week, with two morning workouts under my belt. In a broader scope of being more active, I am getting up and lifting in the morning before going to work and then leaving gym clothes there so I stop by on my way home from work. My genius self has decided that the biggest opportunity for failure was in that moment between walking in the door at home and putting on clothes to go exercise. By leaving stuff at the gym for my afternoon workout, I have to go to the gym to retrieve it. The signs say any locks left overnight will be cut. As long as my brain doesn't know any different, I will use the motivation. Plus, with the gym on my way home from work, I can't walk in the house and find an excuse (like the couch) to not go.

So the reason I meant to post, although what I discussed above is worth sharing, somehow both mornings right before heading out to work, I have found a way to create a disaster. Monday, soap from the foaming soap dispenser splashed all over my shirt, and I then found a way to dump all the q-tips and dental flossing things (I don't know what they are called) into the wet sink. Then this morning...

...this happened.

That is a shot of all the granola I managed to dump on the floor when the lid to the container fell off. Why are these stupid things happening when I am feeling like I am on the right track? I never had any problem with my morning routine before.

Can't wait to see what I can manage to accomplish tomorrow morning.


  1. Mrs. Fix-It would like to comment that you're slightly delusional. You're often a mess in the morning. You curse, stomp your feet, and generally have a lot of trouble pulling yourself together. Just sayin'

  2. hahaha this is like me!! I've been eating healthier and cooking at home more often to save money and I've gotten hurt in the kitchen like, 5 or 6 times in the last few weeks! I NEVER used to slip with a knife or get burns and now that's all I'm doing!

    Good luck getting your routine back together!

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