Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Goldilocks of Blogs

I posted on Monday evening that we'd updated our blog. Then less than 24 hours later we opted for an even more substantial overhaul. It's not that I couldn't make up my mind, I simply hadn't found the design that was juuuuuuust right.

I love watching things evolve over time, so here's a little journey in our blog's history.

This is our original design. I contacted Joy with a few ideas and a concept for our "post-wedding" blog. In the midst of down-to-the-wire wedding planning I decided it was a good idea to get started on a new project. Even though she completed it in August 2010, it didn't really launch until October 2010.

August 2010

Sometime in February I decided I wanted a bolder background. Plus, I was really into different prints, especially clover patterns. I sent joy an inspiration pic (of bedding, actually) and she drew in a new background.

February 2011

Then, a few weeks ago I toyed with the idea of switching the blue to a different shade - a Tiffany blue. I also wanted the corners un-rounded and the header to open up a bit. This update lasted all of a day, though I know Joy had worked on it for some time. It wasn't because I didn't like it - I was actually really happy with the color switch. But something about it felt too "light" for me. Too feminine? Too many clovers? I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

May 2011

Then, a day after the updates went live, I found myself still searching for inspiration. You know when you're on to something but just not quite there yet? I saw this pattern on the interwebs and was imediately curious if it would work. I super-imposed The Fix-Its on to the pattern to get a sense of what it would look like. ...and SOLD!

June 2011

And here we are today. I LOVE the amount of contrast and the wood background seems appropriate for people who claim to be "The Fix-Its". Plus, it's got a bit of a masculine feel that the previous formats lacked.

What do you think? I'd say this Goldilocks finally found her perfect blog.


  1. I love it!! And I'm glad I can actually comment!

  2. Thanks!!! I'm abnormally excited.
    (Blogger has been having issues, so I had to go to the pop-up box format for now. Let's hope they fix it soon!)

  3. Ooh, I love the contrast and this shade of blue! Glad it's evolved into something that feels right. :)

  4. Love it! It fits the name of the blog, plus it's pretty. :)

  5. love the choice. I especially dig the more open header. I'm starting to think a blog design overhaul might get me more motivated to blog. You might have just inspired me.

  6. @ Nellie - Yay! I've missed you. I'm definitely feeling re-inspired. I spent the night flushing out my header tabs :)

  7. I really like it!!! :) I'm a blog tweaker and always want to change things up... but luckily I planned ahead for that w/my new background, and I can change it's color a million times over if I get bored. I'm thinking yellow might be stopping by any day now...

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