Thursday, June 16, 2011


Lately, I have totally been on fire. You name it, I'm getting it done. Hitting the gym? Hard. Eating well? Heck yes. Productivity? Bring on the check lists. And the best part is, I feel awesome. My energy is so high I'm literally buzzing around our condo at night, undoubtedly freaking Mr. Fix-It out.

So, what's up with me? Well, I've been in a massive slump for quite some time. I've felt like crap physically and took no responsibility for it. Moreso, I've felt stuck career-wise and lost sight of the bigger picture. But then, a few weeks ago, I did an intervention with a client that I really had needed to do with myself.

Want to try?

Close your eyes. Relax your body and get comfortable. Picture yourself in the future. Create a mental image of your ideal day. Not a day that you are on vacation, or laying on a beach, but an ordinary day in your ideal life. It is a realistic amount of time away from now. It can be months from now or years away - however long it will take you to get to that ideal point. Perhaps you are picturing a house full of children, maybe your vision includes a career shift, you are living in a different city, or you have simply lost five pounds. Whatever the goals, picture yourself there.

Now, wake up in your ideal day. Who are you laying next to? Where are you? What do you do next - go to the gym? grab coffee with a friend? dress children? commute? What are you wearing? How do you look? Where does your day take you? Walk through the moments.

Get specific. How do you feel? How does your life feel?

 Engross yourself in the experience of your ideal day, your ideal life. Hold on to this imagery. Return to it whenever you lose your motivation or sense of purpose. It is powerful, it is exactly what you're working toward.

For me, this vision exercise is exactly what I need when I find myself slipping toward a slump. Sometimes I get lost. Sometimes I forget how great things can look and feel if I let my mind embrace the possibility of what will be. Looking and feeling good are big pieces of that picture for me, and I'm excited to share the professional components I've started to put into place as well.

How do you de-slump?


  1. This is a great exercise to do! Actually just last night my parents were in town and while we were having a cup of tea, my dad asked me "Well, what does your ideal life look like?" -- and I couldn't answer him. I hadn't thought about it lately, and how I could get there from here. It really is important to check in with that every once in a while - and I'm sure it would help me out of a slump to think about it too!

  2. What a great exercise! Since we're planning a big move right now, I've been thinking about my ideal life a lot lately! It definitely helps me stay motivated.

  3. Thank you! I definitely needed something like this today, I have been in a total slump lately. But this excercise makes me feel so much more positive about getting things done and looking after myself.

  4. I loved this! I need a de-slump, thanks SS!