Friday, May 6, 2011

Don't Doubt The Designer

When we first started renovating the kitchen Mr. Fix-It mentioned adding a crown molding to our cabinets. I told him (on more than one occasion) that I didn't really think it was necessary and that I worried the molding would be "too fussy" or "too non-crisp and modern". The short version of the story is that he thought we needed it anyway and went ahead and put it up when I wasn't home.

Before we touched our kitchen we had a floating cabinet to the left of the sink. Poor thing. So lonely. It was finished off with some little shelf things (which I thought were awful) but made it look less lost. I kept calling them our Country Kitchen cabinets.

Mr. Fix-It decided that creating a frame around the window (he called it the "window box") would make the lonely cabinet look more connected. I have to admit it helped make the area more cohesive.

On a side note, isn't it amazing how off-center the sink and window were? And then that random chunk of blue wall to the right of the sink? Really!? Who built this place?

So, with the window box created and the breakfast bar gone, you start to see how badly the sink needed to be adjusted to the left. But, this post isn't about the darn sink, it's about the molding.

At this point, I was still fine without adding molding. It seemed like an unnecessary task.

Here, we added a cabinet to the right of the sink so the window box would be properly framed and symetrical.

Still no molding, just clean lines.

Then one afternoon Mr. Fix-It's Dad came to help him work and I went out. I probably went to the grocery store - which always takes me a ridiculous amount of time - and came home to this:

Alrighty! Guess you made the executive decision for crown molding after all, honey. I had to admit it looked pretty good. Mr. Fix-It said building out the corner was a pain, but he was proud of his handiwork.

The molding was secured with glue and nails shot through a nail gun. I've come to learn what that means: holes to fill.

We spent an afternoon prepping the molding for paint. Seams and nail holes are no bueno.

It was finally time to finish off the molding with a fresh coat of paint.

Guess what? I LOVE IT. I honestly thought the molding would shift our kitchen from modern to traditional, but I don't think that was the case. It proved to be a perfect finishing touch to our kitchen and truly made it look polished.

So, internet, I'll say it: "I'm sorry honey. You were right and I was wrong."


  1. Umm wow. You very much earn your title of the fix-its ... I would have stopped at "wait is the sink not centered under the window? no? okay we'll deal with it" - Looks great!

  2. You guys amaze me. I love the transformation!

  3. Wow...thatt does look awesome!!! I love the color of your walls.

  4. The crown molding really does look fantastic! Mr. Fix-It is quite the kitchen visionary :)

  5. @ Jaime: I just laughed out loud at "kitchen visionary"

  6. @Jamie and Amanda....
    What is so funny? I think it is completely appropriate. Thank you for the compliment.

  7. @ Mr. Fix-It: I think your title of "kitchen visionary" went to your head.

  8. I love the crown molding! And I'm super impressed with what a great job you guys did in the kitchen - I love that you added a little cabinet to the right of the sink to make it look more centered...what an awesome idea!

  9. Good for hubs for knowing what he wants and going for it. Between the 2 of you, you've got it all covered. Perfect!

  10. Haha, I'm glad it worked out! He has a good eye! You guys did such an awesome job with this reno...we're just not this handy of a couple and I'm jealous!

  11. The molding looks great! Go Mr Fix-it! I just love how your kitchen has come together, especially the colors :)

  12. The perfect accessory - it's like a cute hat! ;)