Monday, May 16, 2011

A Reward, Decor Update, and One Drink Too Many

Whenever we have people to our home I always like to inform them that they are seeing our condo and renovations, "The most complete they've ever been!" (I mean, duh, obviously.) Today, however, it is actually more true than ever.

Mr. Fix-It and I agreed that once our home renovations were truly "done" we would hire a cleaning service to come in and clean our condo from top to bottom. It would be a marker that we were done making dust, and a reward for all of our hard work. 

Today is that day. Wa-hoo!

As a result, I'm blogging from Starbucks while temporarily displaced. I'll head to work soon. Oh, and let me just say that I'm dying to see the result! We certainly do a decent job of keeping things clean, but it's more in chunks. One day I'll notice the stove is grimey so I'll go to town scrubbing it down. Another day I'll notice the bathroom needs a scrub and I'll do that. There's something undeniably exciting about having ALL the things clean.

(If you don't know where the photo comes from above, you MUST read this post.)

Next, I wanted to thank you for your suggestions on decorating our mantle. The suggestion to separate out the lanterns and frame was a good one. In fact, I separated them entirely and really love the result.

I moved the photos to our buffet piece and like the little corner it creates. Plus, I picked up two little hurricane vases at Crate and Barrel on Friday for my collection of champagne and wine corks and matchbooks.

Secret Fact: Some of those champagne corks were Oprah's. Perhaps I'll share that story sometime.

Also, I finished the wall frame project. I'm so glad it's complete!

And finally, this Friday we had a few friends over. We wanted to show off our kitchen and also kick back and have some fun. It was awesome to actually be able to host. For FAR too long we've felt that we couldn't have people over because there was too much construction and dust. We probably had one drink too many.

How did you spend your weekend?


  1. Yay! What an AWESOME reward. And I really like the look of the lanterns now, all spread out :)

    Isn't it great hosting? I really enjoy hosting...except the clean up :)

  2. How exciting! And what a great way to reward yourselves for all the hard work!

  3. YESSSSS. I <3 the snot out of hyperbole and a half :)

  4. @ Jill: I couldn't agree more! That post in particular cracks me up every time.

  5. Oh, so lucky!! I'd give anything to have a cleaning service come, even just once a month.

  6. Your place looks fantastic! I love your decorating style ;) And yay for having people over to celebrate!

  7. I love your place and all the little touches! I collect wine/champagne corks and matchbooks too! I want to hear the Oprah story!!

  8. Your home looks so warm and inviting! I love it. Also, I'm way jealous about the cleaning lady - that's a fantastic reward for a job well done! (You've piqued my interest with the Oprah story, btw!)

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