Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our Sad Little Window

Back in college, I started decorating with bamboo. I'm not sure where I got the idea in my head that "bamboo is seriously awesome!" but I did, and I have had a vase with bamboo somewhere in my home ever since.

Each time we moved Mr. Fix-It would make a comment about me and my bamboo, and noting that it seemed to follow us everywhere. I made a strong stance about having living things in your living space, and argued that it was important for our mental health. (Seriously? I feel like a wacka-doo for that one). I washed our bamboo regularly (the leaves would sometimes get dusty), scrub the rocks at the bottom of the vase, and one time I trimmed the unruly roots which rendered my lovely stalks dead. That day I was really sad.

When we were putting our kitchen together, a vase of bamboo made it to the windowsill. It lived there for almost two years. I thought it looked really good. But looking back, I was clearly misinformed.

This is essentially how our kitchen looked before we started renovations. Bamboo living proudly on the windowsill with its friend the red candle.

More time passed, and you can see the blue thing that was hanging next to the window (which I never liked, but Mr. Fix-It bought it in Greece) now made its way to the windowsill as well. Red candle moved to the shelf to the left, and bamboo is still front and center.

After we finished the backsplash things were looking better in the kitchen overall, but that poor windowsill was still just plain sad.

Oh look, some coffee and soap joined the party!

It was time to get serious. It was time for the bamboo to relocate and start from scratch. First, that ugly blind had to come down. We purchased white wooden blinds at Home Depot in hopes of creating a more cohesive look.

First, Mr. Fix-It installed the blinds backwards. They weren't easy to get in, so he cursed the window and left them backwards for a week. In the meantime we took a trip to Ikea in hopes of finding some pieces to spruce up our island. Among other things, we came home with two potted succulents. I put them on the island, and they just didn't work the way I was envisioning.

I placed the succulents on the windowsill. I searched the condo a bit, and then pulled a piece that was buried in our bookshelves out to the light of day. I toyed around with placement a bit, and decided I had finally found a solution: no more sad window!

And fear not bamboo lovers, it has been relocated.

Do you have any spaces that have long been ignored that were immediately enhanced by some redecoration?


  1. Haha it's always tough to get those details right, but I totally love the windowsill now! The blinds are really wonderful in that space and it would make me so happy to see succulents on my own kitchen sink windowsill-I might have to borrow that idea!

  2. Cute!!! I'm still drooling over your kitchen, love it!

    Also curious to know where you got your kitchen faucet/what brand? We will be on the hunt for a new kitchen sink/faucet this year (finally!!).

  3. @ Laura - I know we picked up one at Lowe's and one at Home Depot. I'll double check on which brand/store we went with! Both were under $300.

  4. Awesome!! Sadly we cannot have a beautiful sink like yours because ours isn't undermount :( Blah. But would love to know about the faucet!!

  5. I think my favorite is the photo of Brian peeking over from your couch (?) HA! :)

  6. @ Penny - he was unscrewing the breakfast bar. but yes, it's kind of priceless.

  7. I love it! Succulents are so cute - they look great on the windowsill!

  8. Bamboo follows me from house to house as well :)


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