Thursday, May 26, 2011

One Shell Of A Wedding! : Wave On Wave

In preparation for our first dance, Mr. Seashell and I signed up for dancing lessons. Part of the reason was because we chose a song that we, frankly, had no clue how to dance to.

Assuming you've come to learn a little about me, it should surprise you that our first dance was to an upbeat country song. It should be even more surprising that I suggested it. But sometime early into dating Mr. Seashell I came to learn that he was a bit of a country music fan. On occasion I'd tolerate it, but more often than not I'd roll my eyes and request a change of tune. But one evening he put a CD in our car and told me to give this artist a chance. Halfway into a certain song I admitted that I actually liked it.

Then, months later, we went to a Pat Green concert. When the song came on that slowly had become "our song" Mr. Seashell pulled me close. Pat sang, "And it came upon me wave on wave, You're the reason I'm still here, Am I the one you were sent to save?..." and he said in my ear, "You know it's true". In that moment I knew it was the song we had to dance to at our wedding.

Mile upon mile got no direction
We're all playing the same game
We're all looking for redemption
We’re just afraid to say the name
So caught up now in pretending
What we're seeking is the truth
I'm just looking for a happy ending
All I'm looking for is you

And it came upon me wave on wave
You're the reason I'm still here
Am I the one you were sent to save
And it came upon me wave on wave

I wondered out into the water
And I thought that I might drown
I don’t know what I was after
Just know I was going down
That's when she found me
Not afraid anymore
She said you know I always had you baby
Just waiting for you to find what you were looking for

Wave on wave, wave on wave…

The clouds broke and the angels cried
You ain't gotta walk alone
That's why they put me in your way
And it came upon me wave on wave

(Here's a video my uncle captured of our first dance. It doesn't show in the pictures, but the video shows how nervous we were! But I treasure it.)

First Dance from Seashell on Vimeo.

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