Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lived with this annoyance over a year!

And I am not talking about my lovely wife. I am talking about our annoying tub spout with diverter. You know, that thing in your Tub/Shower that you pull on every morning to divert the water from the tub to your shower head. From the day we moved in, our tub spout made an awful noise while we showed. This is pretty much daily, sometimes twice a day if Mrs. Fix-It showered, for almost two years. I am not going to use this blog post to discuss Mrs. Fix-Its' hygiene routine, for the most part she smells good, so I won't complain. I will discuss, however, that this was annoying. Over 800 times I likely had to jiggle the little knob on the spout to get it to stop making the noise. It became part of the routine.

So, what was going on? The diverter on the tub spout is like a door that blocks water from coming out of the spout and makes the water find an alternate path, your shower head. With water flowing past the spout and out the shower head it creates a little pressure to hold it in place. The diverter is a little plastic piece attached to the knob. As our spout aged, the diverter likely became worn and it would leak, creating this awful noise. We would jiggle it, basically playing with it till it sealed properly, and the noise would go away.
This was a really easy fix. I picked up a new universal tub spout with diverter from the Home Depot. There was a small setscrew on the bottom of the existing spout, just like the new one. Loosened the screw, a couple twists, and a good yank got the old one off the pipe. Yours may be attached by a threaded fitting, so if it doesn't come off fairly easy, you might have to unscrew. Whatever the case, it should not be difficult to remove. I slid the new spout on, got it positioned, and tightened the screw. It took me 3 minutes.
The noise was gone. It took me 3 minutes. The new piece cost $16 plus tax. Yet, I lived with the noise and addition to my routine for almost 2 years.

Was it too complicated? I moved the sink in my kitchen, so probably not.

Never made it to the store? I was at Home Depot 6 times during some weekends.

What could possibly have been the reason I put off spending $16 and 3 minutes of my time to get rid of this annoyance? Maybe we'll never know. What I do know is that I am less likely to wake up my wife during her beauty sleep, the neighbors like us a little more, and I don't have to jiggle the stupid knob anymore.

Any stupid little things you are putting off?


  1. The crazy lady that we bought our house from stole part of the fence...we put up chicken wire to keep the dogs in the backyard. That was almost a year ago. Seriously, all we need is 2 pieces of fence and a gate but I have a feeling we'll be stepping over the 1' chicken wire to get into the backyard for atleast another year or 2. Oh, and it took until about 2 weeks ago to get the grass cut though we didn't feel so bad because our next door neighbor hadn't done his, either. He did his the day after we did ours, probably cursing us under his breath the whole time since we lost the "who will hold out longest" battle.

  2. Thanks for sharing! We have this same exact problem and now I will go ahead and fix it! We've only been living there for 2 weeks, but probably would have never bothered to fix it until I read this and you said it's an easy fix!

  3. I am having a simmilar problem. It doesn't sqeek, but it seems more of the water still comes out of the spour and some behind where the set screw is than out of the shower head when the diverter is pulled to divert the water.