Friday, May 27, 2011

Drilling, Hole-Filling, and a Change of Aesthetic

When we first moved in to our condo it was obvious that our kitchen was missing a few finishing touches. I'll add that it was also missing a design aesthetic, but I've probably harped on that enough. (Seriously though, I just noticed/remembered the flood light to the left of the cabinets. Like an actual OUTDOOR flood light. Gaaaah!)

Anyway, in addition to putting a white coat of paint on the cabinets and changing the wall color we also added some hardware. See it yet?

How about now?

Yes, I'm talking about cabinet pulls. Super awesome and exciting, right? (Just say "yes").

Here's the thing - on a trip to Costco we found door pulls in a bulk pack. They looked nice enough, the price was right, and we needed them. I didn't give it much thought. They were brushed nickel (a look we were hoping to consistently use), and reasonably crisp and modern looking. So, we brought home our door pulls and installed them.

Then, as we got further and further into our renovation process I decided I'd prefer knobs. I'd been studying design blogs and found knobs to be a bit more trendy. It seems like a simple enough switch, but there was a little problem...

The installation of the pulls meant we had two holes in our doors. The knobs only required one. Those of you who are less handy (me) might assume this means we need all new door fronts if we wante to make the switch. Plus, if we somehow filled the holes wouldn't they still look "off" or lumpy? This was my concern.

Mr. Fix-It had a solution. First we decided that the upper holes needed to be filled. The knobs would look best placed lower on the door. Then, Mr. Fix-It made the holes BIGGER. Why? Because then we could get more wood filler in them and create a smoother surface.

Big hole, little hole.

We gooped up the big hole with wood filler.

Front and back.

Then we sanded the heck out of it.

We made sure it was completely smooth to the touch.

Next, we painted the entire door fronts and backs. Spot painting the filled-hole probably would have looked sloppy. Plus we were switching types of paint. Initially we used one that was just slightly tacky, even after months of drying. At some point Mr. Fix-It got the tip to use furniture paint. If you're curious, I can look into what we used.

Now for the final product:


Looking back I really like the switch. Have you ever made a small change that had a big impact?


  1. Ooh, this is such a timely post because we're about to paint our cabinets white AND install new door pulls/knobs! Thanks for the tip about furniture paint, I'll definitely have to look into that...

  2. Never even heard of furniture paint, so I would love to know what you used. I think the new cabinets look great. And, can I say that your husband is SO nice. If I told Sean I wanted to change out the knobs, and that it would require him to fill in the hole, he would say hell no. So, you're very lucky. :)

  3. @ Kelsey: It was a Rustoleum Latex Semi-Gloss. Like this:
    And you're sweet! Mr. Fix-It is a good one.

    @ Megan: Yay for good timing!

  4. Who knew such a little change would make such a big difference! I would think you were crazy for goign to that much work to just change some little hardware, but it does really change the room! I love it!

  5. @Megan - Just about the time the paint dried on our cabinets, I saw a commercial for a new Rust Oleum product that is a Cabinet Transformation kit. It comes with a few products that you can use to change the colors of your cabinets. Had this product hit the shelves two weeks earlier, this post would be telling you all about it.

    If you try it, let us know how it went.

    Thank you!

  6. Nice change! I think my favorite quick change in any room is a new color on the walls. It can completely transform the feel of a space and it's not hard to do.

  7. I definitely like the knobs better! They look great!!

  8. I LOVE YOU FOR THIS. I have been wanting to paint our cabinets and add knobs (ours look like a more outdated version of your very first picture). I am dying to know more about the actual painting process, since I remember my mom painting cabinets when we were younger and they were tacky, like you said. What did you do about the hinges? (It doesn't look like yours are visible, ours are.)

    How about you just drive down to Indy and do it for us? I'll use my hubby's favorite reasoning: "It's just that... you're so GOOD at it!"

  9. @Mr. Fix-It
    I do believe you just found us our cabinet-painting kit! Thanks for the recommendation, and I will definitely let you know if we use it, and how it goes.

  10. i've been searching for that tile backsplash everywhere...can you tell me where you purchased it???
    LOVE IT!

  11. The knobs look great, it looks like you left pulls on the bottom cabinets?

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