Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Who's side are you on?

Alright, I am going to admit something that you may have not guessed yet. From the dozens of posts Mrs. Fix-It has posted, it is pretty obvious she is perfect. I am not. I have made mistakes. In fact, my last post identified another mistake I made installing the plumbing for our sink. I hope I can teach people from my mistakes, or at least how to make them right. Not cover them up, that is not what I want to teach.

So, we decided to make the island of the kitchen with two rows of cabinets back to back. This gave us a fantastic storage opportunity on the dining room side of the island and created a great surface area. We wanted a 36" deep island so I had to use a wall cabinet and a base cabinet. I used a 30" high wall cabinet to allow me to have a toe kick like the other side of the island. I had to create a platform to place the cabinets on, but the platform would be visible from the side. The other issue would be the sides of the island would have a large seam down the middle. I made my platform and set the cabinets on top. My 36" x 60" island was born, but it like a scene from Frankenstein.

This post is about my mistake and making the island look custom.
My father was more than happy to point out the fact my platform stood out more than my cabinets, as shown above. I thought long and hard about this and hoped that if I centered the base under the cabinets, the overage would be covered by the side panels (cover it up). I came to the conclusion it would still show. So I used the hammer and knocked the base over to a side until one side was flush, I then had the large overage shown above.

While I do make mistakes, I am fairly smart at fixing them. With the overage sticking out and the fact I used plywood for the sides of my base I ended up using a pry-bar to remove a layer of the plywood.

Came out pretty flush, eh?

Ignore the fact that one cabinet is white and the other is wood colored. Notice the seam and my now ugly plywood base? Frankenisland.

Do you see it now?

How about now? Just kidding. So, this was part of the plan all along. We used an 1/8" finished plywood to cover the end of the cabinet making the island look custom. The 1/8" also fit inside the lip of the cabinet face. I made sure after fitting it in the above pic to get some glue in there. The glue is important as I did not want to use too many nails to secure to the cabinet and the nail heads were small, not providing much hold. The nails just held it in place while the glue sets.

Got some nails around the outlet to make sure that stays nice and tight.

I didn't do my hair that day, hence the hat. I was also sure to get some nails up next to the cabinet face.

There you have it. No one would ever know I am not perfect. The island looks like one piece compared to four cabinets and my ugly base. We also did the same to the other side.


  1. I'm SO impressed that you guys are so good at this! I'm wayyy too intimidated to take on projects like these, so I'm so jealous that you guys went for it and got what you wanted!

    It's fun to see the process!

  2. Wow...you did a great job! I never would have known it wasn't custom.