Friday, April 29, 2011

One Shell Of A Wedding! : The Photo Shoot of a Lifetime

I think this is my absolute, undeniably, holycrap, let's-make-a-gallery-wrap-out-of-you favorite wedding photo. It's been my desktop background for a while now and I don't see that changing any time soon. This is one of those photos that 100% completely confirms why you chose the wedding photographer you did - when a photo takes your breath away you know you're onto something good.

I truly treasure the shots we have with our wedding party. They are certainly not your typical smile and pose classic photos, to me they're so much more.

I dragged our poor wedding party down a steep and uneven hill in hopes of some truly New England group shots. The groomsmen kindly escorted my ladies (who, in their heels, were holding on for dear life).

We made our way to the bridge, and our photog stayed on land to snag some of the group shots I so desired. The salty sea air was all around us.

As if there weren't already enough pics of us from the day, we took a few more just in case. Fortunately, these are some of my faves.

While we snuck in a few more "just us" photos, our second shooter Katie grabbed individual pics of the wedding party who had made their way to dry land.

We made our way to a beautiful garden area, and something clearly cracked the group up. If only I could remember what had happened.

Then we got serious.

I got a few photos with just my girls...

...and Mr. Seashell got a few shots with his groomsmen. He had definitely just been the recipient of an "ass grab" in this picture.

As we were wrapping up, the staff served us champagne indicating that it was officially time to join the cocktail hour.

It was time to get the party started!

{All photos from the fabulous Blink of an Eye Photography}

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