Friday, April 8, 2011

My Camera : The Bags

Soon after I purchased my camera I knew I needed a way to get it around safely. I went to my local Wolf Camera store and picked up a super simple, non-cumbersome camera bag. The main advantage was that it was small enough to fit inside another bag if I was out and about.

It worked, it held my camera nicely (read: boring), but I outgrew it pretty fast. As soon as I bought a second lens I realized it couldn't hold my gear anymore. Additionally, I wasn't super into the idea that it was so obvious that I was carrying a camera. When traveling this makes you a pretty nice target for theft. Note: I'm the least paranoid person you'll meet, but I can even get on board with the idea that you don't want it to be obvious that you're carrying around hundreds/thousands of dollars of equipment. (People who wear those "money belts" when traveling get a serious eye roll from me.)

I pulled this old Kate Spade bag from my relics. I bought it on eBay during the summer of 2002. I had an internship, and when things got slow I was an eBay monster. It was a great summer for shopping.

It did a fine job of holding the camera body, lenses, and had room to spare. I didn't love that everything just kind of rolled around in there and, frankly, I was jonesing for a new bag. Part of me was all - go me! way to reuse! - but another part of me wanted a new, fancy, camera-specific bag. I started looking around for options and quickly found Kelly Moore's site. I also fell in love with THEIT bags which look super Chanel-like and therefore awesome. Aside from those two nothing else inspired me. If you're in the market though, check out: Jo Totes, Ona, and even Etsy. There are definitely some great options out there. My faves just happened to be Kelly Moore and THEIT.

After lots of internet surfing I settled on the Kelly Moore B-Hobo bag. I chose it because it fully zips across the top and it's reasonably small compared to all it can hold. I especially loved that it can be worn messenger style. That works really well for me when I'm carrying heavy things. Additionally, there were no signs of when THEIT was being released and I was antsy. I asked for the B-Hobo for Christmas 2010, but it was backordered. My parents got me a kindle instead, but had also ordered the B-Hobo. Lucky me - the bag became an early birthday present!

Need further convincing?


It's awesome.

Do you have an incognito camera bag?


  1. Love your bag and these series of posts!

    My husband got me a Swiss Army messenger camera bag with the same internal layout as your purse one. It's the third bag I have used and by far my favorite!

  2. I like your evolution in camera bags. I'm on step 2 still.. I made an insert for my regular purse to hold my camera. I'm thinking this year's gift list might need to include (1) a new lens and (2) a new bag. Can we see a photo of you wearing the bag :)

  3. So cute! I just got a camera bag as well! I keep meaning to post about it - Justin got me a Dre Hartmann bag and I love it oh so much!

  4. @ Katie: ooooh! I don't know Dre Hartmann. I'll have to check them out!

  5. So funny! I received in intense camera bag for christmas from my hubs...only thing is I feel a bit ridiculous using it in public..I saw those kelly moore bags and swooned but they were sold out of the one I wanted :( I then thought it would be easy to convert a regular bag and upon researching found out that I am not alone. Def have the project planned!

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