Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Miscellaneous Follow-Up

I've shared several things lately that I either liked or was considering purchasing for our home. I'd hate to leave you hanging, so here are some previously mentioned "things".

1. Chevron Pillow

It's been a perfect addition to our living room and I simply love having a bold pattern to liven up our space.

2. I Love........You Poster

After discovering the "I Love....You" poster, I knew I wanted a few others to add in the mix as well. I'm actually a little surprised I pulled the trigger and purchased such a crass piece but something about it speaks to me. (Is that wrong?) I then found a letterpress "live what you love" print (which I'd also love to have in my office) as well as the lightbulb. Perfect! I consider the "live what you love" as a nod to my work, and the lightbulb a nod to Mr. Fix-It's.

All along I was envisioning these prints on the wall between our dining area window and our kitchen.

After some measuring and adjusting, this little project was complete!

Did you notice I did the dishes between photographing and hanging?

Oh, and we found the frames at IKEA for just about $20 total. Not too bad, right?

3. New iPhone Case

I got the proof a few days ago and hopefully it will be on its way soon!

What do you think of our latest miscellaneous projects? Have any of your own?


  1. I love these details! Definitely not wrong to love that poster--I think it's wonderful! What a perfect spot for all three of those prints!

  2. Love the chevron pillow and the prints you chose!!

  3. Love! Craig and I have been working on finally fixing our place up....I'm glad to finally have a room without barren walls. The downside to moving while in the middle of wedding planning meant our decorating was put aside for a good long year.

  4. I love those prints and where you hung them!

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