Saturday, April 9, 2011

Babies Can't Read Anyway

{a brief conversation with the fix-its}

Me: I found this poster on etsy today that literally made me laugh out loud.
Mr. Fix-It: That is kind of hilarious.
Me: Can I buy it and hang it on a wall?
Mr. Fix-It: Sure.
Me: It's not very family friendly. OMG. Let's hang it over our baby's crib. I would love our child that much.
Mr. Fix-It: It's not like babies can read anyway.

...and we have a new letterpress poster on order.


  1. Possibly the most awesome thing I've seen in a long time. And I really want one to hang in our future child's room now!!

  2. Bahhhhahahaa this made my day. Love the poster!

  3. Are you guys expecting a baby?

  4. @ Deborah - No, I should have clarified that. These are just the ridiculous types of ideas/conversations that I have! Someday though!

  5. I may have to steal that idea! I love it, but would be worried about my child being drawn to the word "shit" in the future because they have become familiarized with it's shape.

  6. @ Sarah: In complete and total honesty, I don't think I'd put such a thing in my child's nursery. It's probably a little too crass for my taste. For now we'll hang it somewhere near the kitchen.

  7. haha! In all seriousness, it would still be funny even despite the mild inappropriateness.