Friday, March 4, 2011

One Shell Of A Wedding! : Time to Get Ready

Friends, it's finally here. The actual Seashell Wedding Day. This is where the real fun begins: pro pics, pretty details, "I do's" and all that good stuff.
I woke up the morning of our wedding feeling great. The sun was shining and the day looked beautiful. I slept well all night and didn't have the same overwhelming feelings of anticipation that plagued me the day before. When I got out of bed to brush my teeth I was struck by how ordinary I felt. Like, shouldn't there be birds singing on my window sill from some Disney movie? I looked in the mirror. Nope, just me, getting ready for one of the biggest days of my life.

First order of business: hair and make up with my girls.

When our photographer arrived I was in the midst of getting my hair done. After struggling to choose the right look, I finally found something I was excited about.

With my hair done, it was time to model my "Kiss The Bride" tank. Sparkles are definitely necessary on your wedding day. 

My girls were up next. I opted to hang out on the floor and chat.

Right around this time I got accused of checking Weddingbee on my phone. Bridesmaid Allie snapped a pic and posted something on Facebook like, "You can't take the weddingbee out of the bride..."

We got to enjoy some girl time and chatted away most of the morning.

Mama Seashell takes a peek to make sure she approves of my 'do. 

Next it was time for makeup.

I got a turn too.

Last but not least, Sister Seashell had her turn at makeup. I think it was the first time she pulled her nose out a book all morning! This was a good thing though, I wanted my girls calm and happy.

As we wrapped up Carmen (our photog) snapped this great shot of me with my bridesmaids. I'm laughing as I look at this now - they look lovely and beautiful and I look like I'm off to a beauty pageant. Go big or go home, right?

I also adore this photo of me and Mama Seashell. It kind of makes me teary if I look at it for too long.

After several hours at the salon it was time to hit the road. I had something pretty important waiting for me...

{All photos from the fabulous Blink of an Eye Photography}

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