Thursday, March 17, 2011

One Shell Of A Wedding! : Boys, Bowties, and a Surprise!

This cool thing happened with our getting ready photos. Since they're timestamped, when I put them into my computer in chronological order I was able to see exactly what Mr. Seashell was doing while I was getting ready too. Not surprisingly, he was done and ready to go before me - but he had to be at the chapel first - so whatever.

As our rehearsal dinner was wrapping up the night before I handed Best Man Mike a gift and a card to give Mr. Seashell while they were getting ready. I gave explicit instructions that he had to open everything when our photographer was present because seeing his reaction was a must. Mike agreed and almost fulfilled his duties perfectly. Notice there's only a gift and no card? Yeah. It supposedly got lost at some point between the exit from the restaurant and the hotel. Honestly, I was a little heartbroken that Mr. Seashell didn't get the card I wrote for him on our wedding day. I worked it out, though. On our one month anniversary I was able to find the identical card and write an equally meaningful note.

There's also a back story on the gift. Mr. Seashell had been lusting after a certain fancy watch forever. Whenever the opportunity presented itself he'd try on a nice watch in a store but lament it wasn't the certain fancy watch. He'd tease me sometimes and mention what an amazing wedding gift it would be. I knew I wanted to do something really special for him as a gift on our wedding day, but frankly, this sucker didn't come cheap. After I decided to buy the watch and stash it in a safe at my parents' house I started to act really distraught when Mr. Seashell would mention his beloved certain fancy watch. I'd say things like, "Honey, you're making me feel so bad. I would LOVE to buy you something like that but there's just no way I could make it happen". I stuck to my story that he was hurting my feelings for months. Seriously, I bought the watch in May for our September wedding.

So, when he saw this bulky square box I imagine he had no idea what was coming. The photo on the right (above) is the exact reaction I was going for. Total disbelief.

 I got you good, Mr. Seashell!

After his moment with his gift, the boys wrapped up getting ready. Groomsman Sonny shows off his bowtie-ing skills. (I'm glad they were provided with pre-tied options.)

 Groomsman Nate takes his bowtie prep seriously.

He even makes sure Mr. Seashell's bowtie is just right.

 FIL Seashell inspects the new bling and returns it to its owner. I find this picture incredibly sweet.

In addition to being the resident bowtie specialist, Groomsman Nate also studies up on how to properly make a pocket square.

 Almost ready to go, the boys hang out for a bit.

...and share some man hugs before they head out.

It's time!

See you at the chapel, Mr. Seashell!

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