Thursday, February 24, 2011

One Shell Of A Wedding! : We Rehearse

So, when we last left off I was in a state of panicked anxiety and Mama Seashell mentioned "she might have something for me". Exact details aside, let's just say by the time I was rehearsing for our wedding I was slightly sedated. Praise pharmacology. 

After seeing each other for the first time since arriving to Providence, I ran to Mr. Seashell and the words fall out of my mouth: "I've been so spazzed out that I had to drug myself." I hugged him so tight it was unreal. Normal Mr. Seashell would have made some comment about how reassured he was about my mental state prior to our nuptials. However, he admits its taken him 4 drinks to feel sober. What? The beauty of nerves. So glad we're both doing so well at this point.

Our blissful reunion aside, our wedding party had gathered in the chapel. (What? There were other people there too?)

From the front of the chapel Reverend Nancy starts directing the crowd. Her advice is to first line everyone up to where they'll be standing during the ceremony. So, we did the recessional first.

Everyone takes their spots and prepares to exit.

Nancy looks happy that we've all managed to listen to some basic directions. Yay us!

Now the show really begins. Mr. Seashell takes is official "mark".

The bridal party gathers in the rear of the chapel.

Mama Seashell and FIL Seashell practice their entrance.

Here comes the (sedated) bride!

Mr. Seashell's cousins take direction on overseeing the ring passing.

We prepare for our vows.

And that's that!

Knowing the next day would be quite busy, Reverend Nancy decides we'll save time and get our marriage license signed the day before. Then she made me pinky swear we'd go through with the wedding the next day. We promised.

Sister Seashell was excited to fulfill her MOH duties.

...and then we were off to eat!

The dinner was wonderful - lots of delicious food, laughter, toasts, and celebration. 

After everyone had dinner Mr. Seashell presented his groomsmen with their gifts and we shared our slideshow with the group. We thanked our friends and family for their love and support and gave gifts to our parents as well as our godparents (who were doing readings during our ceremony) and Mr. Seashell's cousins who were ushering and facilitating our ring passing. Mr. Seashell's father made a toast and acknowledged the love and hard work FMIL Seashell had put into coordinating the rehearsal dinner before her passing. In fact, she handmade and mailed these beautiful invitations just days before she suddenly passed.

After FIL Seashell's toast he approached me with a small box. As soon as I opened it I knew exactly what it was; I'd seen it in the days after FMIL had passed away. My eyes filled with tears, and then I just let myself cry. I put my head in my hands and full out started sobbing. FIL Seashell put his hand on my back, leaned in and said, "I gave this to Justine on our wedding day. I can't imagine anyone having it but you". "I know, I know" was all I could get out. I finally pulled myself together and gave him a hug. We stood there, at the end of the restaurant, crying. I don't usually give into my emotions like that, but in that moment the reality of our loss hit hard. It is a gift I will forever treasure.

As we wrapped up our rehearsal and dinner, our guests were partying elsewhere....up next!

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  1. So amazingly sweet. I am at a loss for words (and that doesn't happen often).

    P.S. You look great! I love your ensemble.


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