Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Die Evil Scum, Die.

Lest you think I sit on my tush while Mr. Fix-It slaves over our kitchen renovation, I've decided it's due time to post a Mrs. Fix-It fix. Last Saturday while Mr. Fix-It and his Dad were tiling away, I waged a war against an enemy in our master bathroom.

I'm actually horrified to be sharing some of these photos with you, but it would be an injustice to keep my discovery a secret. I fought the grime in our bathroom for so long that its demise deserves to be documented.

Meet my nemesis:

OMG. I just dry-heaved.

On a regular basis the grossness disgusts me. I gather my army of scrubbing stuff and go nuts.

...and these aren't even half of them. I also have bleach stuff, other brushes, sprays. You name it.

Then, on one of our millionth trips to Home Depot I searched the aisles for a new option. Mr. Fix-It found what can only be described as my new best friend.

Mr. Scrubby Scrub Scrub

He's magic.

A year of nastiness - GONE!

To top it off, I added an extra kicker:

Here's the end result:

Evil Scum Dead.
Best post ever? You know it.


  1. OMG we have this same grossness in our shower and no matter how hard I scrub it goes NOWHERE! I'm off to buy my own Mr Scrubby Scrub Scrub and Mold & Mildew Stain Remover :) Thanks!

  2. @ Ali: I'm SO glad to hear I'm not the only one! The nastiness has made me NUTS for far too long!

  3. Thanks honey for sharing our disgusting tub with everyone. More so, thank you for cleaning it.

  4. We are plagued by a 6 inch section of this grossness as well...and it will not. go. away. I have a Mr. Scrubby Scrub I use in the kitchen that can be transferred to bathroom duty - thanks for the tip!

    & here I was, ready to scape out the caulk and re-do it. No thank you!

  5. Yeah, shower scum is pretty nasty and it's SUCH a pain to remove. I think I need to find myself a scrubby scrub scrub!

  6. We're currently having this problem plus trying to get the soap scum off the glass door!

  7. That's hilarious! And dude.. that's a pretty awesome fix. Here's my secret trick. Take paper towel and soak it with bleach, then stick it to the mold and let it sit over night. Do that with all the mold. If in the morning it's still got some color, put more bleach on it. The stuff will get seriously WHITE! It's a glorious thing.

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