Thursday, February 24, 2011

One Shell Of A Wedding! : We Rehearse

So, when we last left off I was in a state of panicked anxiety and Mama Seashell mentioned "she might have something for me". Exact details aside, let's just say by the time I was rehearsing for our wedding I was slightly sedated. Praise pharmacology. 

After seeing each other for the first time since arriving to Providence, I ran to Mr. Seashell and the words fall out of my mouth: "I've been so spazzed out that I had to drug myself." I hugged him so tight it was unreal. Normal Mr. Seashell would have made some comment about how reassured he was about my mental state prior to our nuptials. However, he admits its taken him 4 drinks to feel sober. What? The beauty of nerves. So glad we're both doing so well at this point.

Our blissful reunion aside, our wedding party had gathered in the chapel. (What? There were other people there too?)

Monday, February 21, 2011

One Shell of a Wedding! : The Day Before

(Alternative Post Title: I Totally Have an Anxiety Attack)

It was the day before the wedding. At this point, things are starting to get pretty unbelievable to me. Bridesmaid Ashley arrived that morning (so all my girls were there! yay!), Mr. Seashell kept texting that the hotel was filling up with our guests, and there was just this general buzz in the air that the show was on the road!

We were off for manis, pedis and a Bridesmaids Luncheon. Since we practically filled the salon (Angel Nails on Wayland Square for you locals) I let my girls go first. I ran back and fourth to Starbucks a few times to keep everyone fed and caffeinated. Frankly, I was also trying to jog off my nerves on my laps around the corner. This was it! This was the wedding weekend!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One Shell Of A Wedding! : Two Days Before

It's Time! I'm officially kicking off the Seashell Wedding Recaps! I hope you enjoy reading the story of our wedding as much as I am excited to share it with you - it truly was One Shell of a Wedding. No day in my life thus far rivals the depth, beauty, excitement, and pure joy of our wedding day.

Hang in there through a few posts while I share some of the adventures that lead us to the altar. The days before the wedding were filled with activity!

For those of you that might be new around here, or in case we haven't gotten fully acquainted, here are the basics: Mr. Seashell and I live in Chicago, IL and met at Northwestern University. Our wedding ceremony was in Providence, RI and the reception took place in Portsmouth, RI. We got married on the campus of Brown University, where my parents met and were married. Early in our engagement we reset my engagement ring (which the hive had some strong feelings about), I honed in on my vision for our wedding, told you why my maid of honor choice was so special, I tried my hand at DIY projects, worked to incorporate meaningful touches, got showered twice, shared some of my insights as a marriage and family therapist, and faced the sudden loss of Mr. Seashell's Mom just two months before our wedding, was humbled as friends and family pitched in to complete projects,  and reflected on finally moving from "yes" to "I do".

{Blink of an Eye Photography}

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011 (Blog Style)

Our first married Valentine's Day was certainly one for the books. I came home from work to an empty home. I found a dress laid out on our bed with a note to meet Mr. Fix-It at a swanky hotel bar downtown. Oooh la la!

Now go do something special for someone. I'm inspired!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Die Evil Scum, Die.

Lest you think I sit on my tush while Mr. Fix-It slaves over our kitchen renovation, I've decided it's due time to post a Mrs. Fix-It fix. Last Saturday while Mr. Fix-It and his Dad were tiling away, I waged a war against an enemy in our master bathroom.

I'm actually horrified to be sharing some of these photos with you, but it would be an injustice to keep my discovery a secret. I fought the grime in our bathroom for so long that its demise deserves to be documented.

Meet my nemesis:

OMG. I just dry-heaved.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Days! (aka Blizzaster 2011)

After being ridiculously jealous of the snow days my family and friends on the East Coast have been enjoying this winter, the midwest (and most of America) has gotten slammed with a serious storm. I have scored myself not 1 but 2 snow days this week. February is off to a fabulous start. I am basking in the winter wonderlandy-ness of it all!

I did a whole lot of relaxing, and then eventually got off the sofa to fill our home with yummy smells.

I made my Grandma's Banana Nut Cake and threw in some chocolate chips to make it extra yummy. Our place smelled heavenly all afternoon.

Today, this lovely box is keeping me super busy. I'm somewhat horrified that it's taken us this long to delve into our wedding thank you notes, but I was set on using a wedding photo. We received our disc last week, I ordered our notes immediately, and now I'm getting the job done!

Also, it's a perfect time to read and sort through our massive stack of magazines by the front door...

maybe I'll hit a yoga class

...but for now I can't resist being curled up with my kindle. Just for a few more minutes.

If you're wondering exactly what our storm looked like, here's some very high quality documentation:


Blizzaster: Before from Seashell on Vimeo.

(What you can't hear me say is, "Oh there comes the wind. That'll getcha." No idea why I sound like I'm from Minnesota.)


Blizzaster: After from Seashell on Vimeo.

Did you have a snow day? How are you enjoying it?
P.S. Mr. Fix-It is stranded in Maine. Here's hoping I see him soon!