Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our First Christmas

Mr. Fix-It and I spent our first Christmas together this year. That seems pretty crazy for a married couple, but that's how it is. We met in January 2008: the holidays 2008 were with our respective families, Thanksgiving 2009 I stayed in Chicago with Mr. Fix-Its family, and he flew to Providence December 26 to celebrate Christmas with my family, but this year we officially celebrated the actual holidays together. Like woke up on Christmas morning in the same place. Looks like we may have saved a thing or two for marriage after all.

So, we arrived in Providence on December 23. The first order of business was shopping on "The Hill", or Federal Hill to you non-locals. It's an Italian section of town perfect for picking up ingredients for our Christmas Eve anti-pasto. We stocked up on delicious Italian meats and cheeses and then met family friends for dinner.

The next day we hit the kitchen, hard. Christmas Eve is all about baking.

We even put Mr. Fix-It to work. My Mom make pumpkin pie, I whipped up my Grandma's famous Banana Cake as well as ricotta cheese cookies, butterballs, and those peanut butter cookies with hershey kisses on the top. There were probably others too.

In addition to baking up a storm, Christmas eve is also marked by a huge family tradition: LOBSTER.

...and stuffies, and smelts, and other amazing New England treats. Personally, for me though, it's all about the lobster. It's really a highlight of the season. My sister always sits next to me at the dinner table so I can help her navigate cracking open and eating her lobster - she's turned into a real champ. That girl can down that thing.

As the kitchen started to fill with the wonderful smells of Christmas Eve, I took a few moments to snap some shots of the crowd.

I also snapped a few shots of the scenery, including the results of our day of baking:

The next morning was Christmas Day! It was perfect in its lazines. We exchanged gifts and didn't get out of our pajamas all day. I probably should have taken some more photos, but we honestly lounged and chatted and did a whole lot of nothing!

How was your Christmas?


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