Monday, January 31, 2011

The Backsplash is IN!

On Saturday morning Mr. Fix-It picked up 3 not-so-large but VERY heavy boxes.

They contained 30 square feet of "random pattern" polished carrera marble sheets. Our backsplash had arrived!

After months of searching, not only had we made a decision but our chosen tile was in our hot hands. One of our initial thoughts was to opt for subway tile, perhaps in a subtle blue. Then we we considered some glass tile options, but I thought they all looked too much like something that belong in a bathroom. I had wanted a raw stone look when I envisioned our kitchen in the very beginning, but then I couldn't find anything to flow with our new countertops. Alas, google searches and home renovation blogs lead us to marble, and I totally fell in love. From there, it was a matter of finding the right size and pattern, and when we found "random" it spoke most to my taste.

Our kitchen was begging to be tiled. Can you hear it? "Tile me. I'm naked." The shame.

First, Mr. Fix-It laid out the pattern to determine the length he'd need for our longest wall. Then, he took measurements to make cut-outs for outlets and light switches. He had a tile cutting station set up in our guest bathroom. I've got a photo of it later.

Once the tile was organized and the necessary cuts were made, the walls were lined with Thin-Set. Mr. Fix-It started with the corner and built out.

Mr. Fix-It's Dad helped, too. After setting the tile it's necessary to wipe up excess Thin-Set. I enjoy the giant sponge.

Let's watch as Mr. Fix-It and his Dad hang some tile and make pretty lines with the scraper thingy. (Aren't I helpful?)

Here's Mr. Fix-Its tile cutting area. I took this photo before everything was set up, but you kind of get the idea. He had the Wet Saw operating in the bathtub because it is in fact wet and otherwise would have sprayed water all over our kitchen. I had no idea how much was involved in this whole process!

Anyway, while the boys were laying tile they soon realized they would need something to finish off the backsplash edge. I was the obvious choice errand-runner so off I went to the tile store to pick something out. I found a 5/8' "pencil" marble which you can see rounding off the end of the backsplash wall. How'd I do?

And here is the result of a day's hard work:

And just in case you've forgotten where we started (because sometimes even I can't believe how far we've come) -- my eyes! my eyes! that hideous black sink!:

And today:

Next we have to grout, install a new microwave, and get those additional cabinets painted white!


  1. Oh I love the backsplash you chose! It looks fantastic with the blue on the walls - I can't believe how amazing it looks, especially in comparison to what you started with. Great job, Fix-Its!

  2. great job documenting! Your back splash choice is seriously divine!

  3. Oooh, I love that backsplash! We're in the process of looking at backsplash options and were leaning toward a mosaic, but now I'm rethinking that. Great job, Mr. Fix-It (and great job to you for running that important errand!)

  4. Looks gorgeous! I love how new tile can totally change a space.

  5. A woman after my own heart...that is my favorite marble :)

  6. Where did you get your backsplash? It is beautiful!

  7. Yes, can you please let us know where you got the backsplash from? I've been searching EVERYWHERE for that particular style!! THANKS! Lovely job on the kitchen!!

  8. Yes, please let use know where you got it and what it is called. I have spent so much money on samples and haven't found one I like but I love yours!

  9. how fun! like your backsplash choice! : ) Rachel

  10. What was the name of the backslash or where did you get the backsplash?

  11. Love it! Can you tell me what color grout you chose? Thank you!

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    @Mike J.

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