Sunday, December 5, 2010

Reverb10: Wonder

December 4:
How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?

When I hear the word "wonder" or think of cultivating a sense of wonder I can't help but picture children marveling at the world with wide eyes. Something about those sentiments are intertwined.

For me, cultivating a sense of wonder has occurred within the last few days. Last year at this time, Mr. Fix-It and I had just bought our condo, were recently engaged, and for all intents and purposes should have been celebrating a "first" Christmas of sorts. But we didn't. We didn't decorate, we didn't embrace the season. We spent the holidays 1,000 miles apart. Christmas was non-existent in our home. Nothing feel cold, or absent, it just felt like life went on. We made the decision that our real first Christmas would be our first married Christmas.

And so it was.

Warming our home with decorations, lights, holiday music and smells of family recipes has cultivated a sense of wonder in my life. It has for Mr. Fix-It too. Traditions, whatever they are, connect you to a piece of the past and help you look to the future. Mr. Fix-It and I opened a bottle of wine, curled up on our sofa, shared stories of Christmases from our childhoods and imagined years to come with our own children.


  1. aww.. that's so sweet. Happy first Christmas as a new family unit!