Monday, November 15, 2010

Shells On The Beach: Our Honeymoon (Part Three)

The thing I swore I wouldn't do...

I know, you've totally been dying to know what I swore I wouldn't do. It's really not that exciting, but I really, really, swore I wouldn't.

I'm anti-post wedding chop. I honestly don't get it. It's like you grow out all this long, gorgeous hair (which takes foreverrrrrrrrr) to create a certain look for your wedding day, and then you chop it all off the first chance you get. Now, I'm all for change. One part that bothers me is that you immediately outdate your wedding photos. Or similarly, why grow out your hair in the first place if you're someone who genuinely doesn't ever wear their hair long? The caveat being, of course, the up-do. Sure, sure, I'll go with that one. I guess I fell into that category - I figured I'd let my hair grow like crazy so I'd have the most options available for my wedding day 'do. I guess the part I get hung up on is creating a wedding look that isn't really "you" in everyday life. Plus, if you've worked toward creating something, why destroy it so quickly?

So, perhaps the moral of my babbling rant is that - in fact - I'm not anti-post wedding chop but more anti-do something totally out of character just for your wedding.

My story? I grew my hair out in anticipation of our wedding.

I wanted to allow myself the option of whatever up-do inspired me. Then, when I finally settled on a hairstyle, my stylist advised that if I touch scissors to my hair I might not be able to pull off the look I was hoping for. So, I didn't touch it for quite some time. And I started to really like it. Check out this shot of my longest-hair-ever caught in a shot Mrs. Avocado took when a few bees grabbed brunch:

Well, check out this face come our honeymoon. This is my "hair, you are drowning me" face. Something switched, and suddenly it was the bane of my existence. The long, long, long hair was making me crazy.

I made an appointment at the Spa Salon. I had to. All I could think was: "Must. Chop. Hair."

Best hair cut I ever got? Oh, hell no. Here's what I looked like after some light styling.

I SWORE I wouldn't, but the honeymoon PWC turned out to be a highlight of our trip. And guess what? I'm totally eating my words. I think I may even go for some additional restyling. Nothing crazy, but perhaps a long bang is in my future!

Are you a fellow anti-PWC convert?