Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shells On The Beach: Our Honeymoon (Part Two)

When considering the criteria for our honeymoon, it was pretty straightforward: warm and tropical, lots of lounging and relaxation, good food, fruity drinks, no hiking, no sight-seeing, no tours, no guilt over doing nothing. Additionally, Mr. Fix-It and I are fortunate enough to be fairly well-traveled, and although there are many, many, many more places we hope to visit and explore we decided our honeymoon was not the time to do that. As much as I'm dying to lay on a beach on Phuket, I couldn't rationalize traveling halfway across the world with only the desire to lay around. I'll save that trip for another time when I'm more motivated to explore. All in all, Mexico was the perfect choice. 

So, back to our lounging...

{Post-Spa Treatment someone was suuuuuuper relaxed}

I did venture off my lounge chair to take some photos of the property:

{I think my photography skills are slowly improving. I love this pic of Mr. Fix-It on the beach!}

And fear not, just when you thought we could not get any lazier we actually ventured on an ATV/Jet Skiing excursion one day!

 {I must really love you all if I'm posting these. Man, we look rough!}

And what beats a night on the town? (otherwise known as the all-inclusive hotel bar and nightclub)...

And that's how we spent most of our time at the Aventura Spa Palace. As promised,  I'll share "the thing I swore I wasn't going to do" and our adventures in Playa Del Carmen. Woo hoo!


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