Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shells On The Beach: Our Honeymoon (Part One)

Our honeymoon has come and gone. And oh, was it amazing. When people ask, I can't help but say, "we did a whole lot of nothing, which was absolutely perfect".

I guess I'll start at the beginning:

We departed Boston Logan earrrrrrrrly Monday morning after the wedding. Mr. Fix-It successfully completed his first husbandly duty: score first class upgrades.

{all your business travel paid off, honey! free first class upgrade!}

A few mimosas and a super cozy nap later, we were landing in Mexico!

After a zip through customs, an hour-long cab ride, and a check-in at the hotel, we had officially arrived. We spent the first portion of our honeymoon at the Aventura Spa Palace in Riveira Maya, Mexico.

{The view from our room}

During the check-in process we came to realize there was a bit of an entertaining mix-up. Our honeymoon reservation was made by my parents - the trip was a gift and additionally we were staying under their hotel membership. As a result, their name was tied to every part of the reservation. I found it hilarious, but Mr. Fix-It quickly grew tired of the staff saying, "Hello Mr. and Mrs. MyMaidenName!" Mr. Fix-It was a good sport, but on day two of our trip we opted to have the front desk fix our name in the system. Plus, I wanted to give my married name a spin. 

On our first night we ate at one of the hotel restaurants. Soon after we were seated, a waiter came over and offered to make us fresh guacamole. Mr. Fix-It announced, "Yes, please! She loves guacamole!" I proceeded to give him a firm love smack and accused him of announcing his wife was a guacamole-fat-kid to a random Mexican waiter. Then the poor man was totally confused and didn't know if we wanted guacamole or not. Then I felt the need to excitedly affirm that, yes, bring on the guac. Score one for the language barrier.


And so began our ridiculously relaxing trip. Stay tuned for a whole bunch of lounging around, something I swore I wasn't going to do, and our adventures in Playa del Carmen.


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