Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shells On The Beach: Our Honeymoon (The End!)

After 6 ridiculously lazy days at the Aventura Spa Palace, we kicked it up a notch and spent the remaining 4 days of our honeymoon at the PlayaCar Palace in Playa Del Carmen.

Mr. Fix-It and I gave the property a quick once-over and were immediately pumped. Aventura Spa Palace was more of a "resort property" and PlayaCar Palace felt more like an urban, trendy, hotel. It was the perfect way to wrap up our trip.



After getting settled, we had an immediate order of business: locate "that place". You see, the first trip Mr. Fix-It  and I ever took (after a mere 8 weeks of dating!) was a cruise. One of the ports was Playa Del Carmen, and during our stay we found this fabulous little restaurant where we had to-die-for-margaritas, guacamole, and fajitas. It was our mission to return while on our honeymoon. One part for nostalgia, one part for the eats.

We searched, and searched. Every restaurant we saw from afar we'd get all excited, and then realize it wasn't the one. We were starting to get discouraged - but alas! - there it was. Just as we had remembered. 

We immediately ordered our beloved margaritas.

To-die-for margaritas? Apparently this bee thought so too.
We fished it out and drank anyway.

Mr. Fix-It called these "our really embarrassing tourist sized glasses"
...but we tossed them back no problem

For the next few days we enjoyed the pool and beach, did some light shopping on Playa Del Carmen's 5th Avenue, and soaked in the long, warm nights.

Then, on one of our last nights, Mr. Fix-It recommended we check out Coco Bongo. Not really knowing what to expect, I agreed. All I can say was: IT WAS A PARTY. It's one part live show, one part explosion of confetti and balloons, one part place where your liver goes to die. It was awesome and ridiculous.

After 4 attempts by the staff to get me to dance on the stage, I finally agreed. Don't I look miserable?

And there you have it.

Thanks for hanging in there through our honeymoon recaps! I have a few more posts to share while I wait on pro pics and then I'll get going on RECAPS! Woo hoo!

(P.S. The next day while laying at the pool I remembered the Cheeseburgers also hit Coco Bongo while on their honeymoon too. Holla, Cheeseburger!)


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