Sunday, November 21, 2010 least the anticipation was worth it

Despite the outcome, it was seriously awesome to be a part of Wrigley Field and Northwestern history on Saturday. If you happen to be a non-football, non-Chicagoan: Northwestern University hosted the Fighting Illini at Wrigley Field on Saturday, November 20. The last college football game was played at Wrigley in 1938. The iconic red Wrigley Field sign was painted Northwestern purple for the occasion and alums old and young swarmed the event. (Yay for being a NU Alum twice over!)


I also recently became determined to learn the settings on my DSLR camera. I took the opportunity to put my knowledge (and lack thereof) to action. In fact, I challenged myself to shoot the entire day on MANUAL. For the amateur photographer, this was quite the feat. But, if you scroll back through my previous pics on this post, I am feeling kind of braggy to share that I actually navigated ISO, white balance, aperature and shutter speed in one afternoon after reading just a few internet tutorials.

I must add, of course, there were gobs and gobs of junk shots. When I first started shooting yesterday afternoon ALL of my shots were completely white and I started to get panicky that I wouldn't know how to balance them. I knew it meant my aperature was too small and my shutter speed was too big (right?), but I was standing on a street corner fidgiting and felt overwhelmed that I had not clue how to regulate the balance. After scrolling and scrolling, I finally pulled this one in:

From there, I was able to find what I needed. I had fun playing with settings and tweaking shots the rest of the afternoon.

{sporting my Purple Pride}

The crazy explosion of Northwestern Purple Pride was kind of awesome.

And then, of course, we hit the game.

{Here's where the 'Cats tied up the game 24-24. After that I have nothing else to say.}

Despite the tough loss, it was an amazing event. The anticipation was definitely the best part, but that made it pretty quintessential Northwestern. Just like the good old days.