Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Own Piece of Adulthood

When I was little, there were a few things I associated with being a grown-up. The usual, of course - driving a car, wearing high heels and perfume, and sleeping in a big, comfy bed. Likely a less common association with adulthood was having a beautiful, framed wedding invitation prominently displayed in a master bedroom. But, for me, the framed wedding invitation always was one of those important markers. As a kid, I remember seeing my parent's wedding invitation in their bedroom and thinking it was just magical. I'd carefully study the words, look closely at the names, the date, the time and the swirls of the letters. Something about it drew me in.

Then, when our invitations arrived in July I didn't immediately run to the framer. I got superstitious. I convinced myself that framing our invitation before the wedding would seal our fate that something would go awry. So, in a totally out of character move, I waited.

Upon our return from our honeymoon, however, I was at the framer first chance I got. Just a few days later I had my own piece of adulthood, ready to be hung in our master bedroom. Maybe someday one of our little ones will marvel at this piece of wedding history just as I did.


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