Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gifting My Girls

{My Lovely Ladies:  Julia,  Allie,  Ashley,  Leah &  Carrie}
I can't start a post about my bridesmaids without sharing with all of you how exceptional each and every one of these girls has been to me. They were an easy choice for a bridal party from the start, but they truly stepped up when I needed them most over the past year. It only reinforced that I genuinely have some really, really wonderful best friends.

When Mr. Fix-It and I got engaged, these were the first people I called (parents aside, of course). When Mr. Fix-It's Mom was diagnosed with cancer, they were always checking in - not only on her, but on us. Bridesmaid Ashley is a resident at the hospital where Mr. Fix-It's Mom was treated. She often went out of her way to personally say hi and check in. When things took a serious turn for the worse, these girls immediately asked how they could help to plan an emergency wedding ceremony. And, when that quickly became unnecessary, they were there to console, and made eager offers to travel for funeral services after having just traveled for a bachelorette party and bridal shower. Their love and support has been unbelievable.

When it came time to give them gifts as a token of my thanks, I racked my brain.

Never to be failed by Weddingbee, I drew some inspiration from Mrs. Cheeseburger. I loved the idea of a gift including a few different pieces! Next stop, Etsy.

Clutches were a definite from the start. I stumbled upon Davie and Chiyo and knew they'd be perfect. Since the girls were wearing different purple dresses, I opted to go for gold. I figured they would be versatile post-Fix-It wedding in a golden color as well. I did include a bit of purple and had them lined in aubergine.

Next were necklaces. Also a definite part of the gift from the start. I wanted them to include a leaf element, so I searched Etsy again. I also hoped they could include some element of amethyst, an initial, and even a key (if possible). Realizing I was being ridiculously specific, I figured I'd only find some combination of these pieces. However, I found seller FreshyFig who I noticed used leaves and typewriter keys in her pieces. I sent her a message asking if she could include the elements I was envisioning, and literally an hour later she had put together a mock-up! She even snuck a tiny key in by the clasp. I placed an order right away, and they arrived in no time.

The last part of the gift came together when I checked the ten day forecast before the wedding. I had wanted to include a pashmina, but when it appeared it may be chilly and rainy, I sprung to action. I found pashminas at Nordstrom in a beautiful, rich, ivory color. Ironically, since checking that initial weather report the temperature only rose and rose, and the pashminas were totally unnecessary on our unseasonably warm fall wedding day, but I'm sure they will get use regardless.

And those were the Fix-It Bridesmaids gifts! Here's a glimpse at the girls opening their presents:

What did you gift your girls? Did Etsy come to your rescue?


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